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We hope these FAQs answer any questions you have, but if not, feel free to contact us directly!

FAQs About Buying Wine Online

Why can't I order wine to be shipped outside California?

We can only process online purchases sent to addresses within California (due to frequent changes in out-of-state regulations). If you would like to ship wine to a state other than California, please call us at (209) 728-8229 and we will process your purchase over the phone if we can ship to your state.

Does someone need to be available to sign for my wine?
Can't the carrier leave it somewhere safe like my other packages?

The address we ship to must be a physical address where someone over the age of 21 is available to sign for the wine. If the shipping company is unable to deliver after 2 attempts, they send the wine back to us, where it is subject to a $10 return fee.

What are your online payment methods?


Currently we process our online sales through Paypal. However, you do not need a Paypal account to make a payment: Paypal has an option to pay by credit card. Alternatively, please call us at 209-728-8229 or email us with your order.

Do you offer any discounts?


We do! Our Wine Club members receive discounts on their purchases, whether in our tasting room or online. If you would like to join our wine club, please click here or get in touch with us at (209) 728-8229 or

Does shipping wine affect the quality?


We take every precaution to ensure that wines are packed in a way to protect them - not only from bumps and breaks but also insulated to protect from temperature variations. Although purists believe that wine should rest for a few days after shipping, we have not noticed any difference in quality, so feel free to pop open a bottle as soon as you like!

What is your return policy?


We are exceptionally proud of every bottle we produce and pride ourselves on high and consistent quality. That said, very occasionally we do come across a bottle that is not 100%. If you feel your wine is corked or otherwise spoiled within 2 weeks of  receiving your wine, please contact us immediately and we will replace your bottle at no cost. 


Does the weather play any role in your shipping time?


Yes! Extreme temperatures can spoil a wine, so we hold off making shipments during times of extreme heat or cold. 


What shipping company do you use?


​We use several different shipping companies depending on where the wine is being shipped. If you have a particular shipping requirement or preference, please let us know.

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