Tanner Vineyards Red Wines

"Our goal is to make bold, drinkable reds and crisp, smooth whites."

Shipping Rates within California:

$27 for 1-3 bottles

$30 for 4-12 bottles

Shipping Outside of California

We can only process online purchases sent to addresses within California, due to frequent changes in out-of-state regulations. If you would like to ship wine to a state other than California, please call us at (209) 728-8229 and we will process your purchase over the phone if we can ship to your state.

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Tanner Estate Grown

2018 Reserve Petite Sirah

2018 Reserve Petite Sirah for Web.jpg


Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Syrah

2019 Syrah for Web.jpg



Notes:  back cherry/full bodied/rich & velvety


Notes:  light bodied/floral/soft tannins


Notes:  blueberry/floral/dry finish

Tanner Estate Grown

2018 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Res. Cab HiRes.jpg


Notes:  black cherry/cinnamon spice/smooth


Blend: 50% Syrah/40% Cabernet Sauvignon/

10% Petit Verdot

Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Mourvèdre

2019 Mourvedre for Web.jpg

Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Petite Sirah

2019 Petite Sirah HiRes.jpg

Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Med Red

Med Red for Web.jpg


Notes:  bright cranberry/warm spice/juicy


Blend: 70% Mourvèdre/15% Barbera/

15% Petite Sirah

Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Carignane

2019 Carignane HiRes.jpg


Notes:  black pepper/earthy/light bodied


Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Barbera

2019 Barbera for Web.jpg


Notes:  strawberry preserves/nutmeg/

dried leaves

Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Angelo's Red

2018 Angelo's Red HiRes.jpg


Notes:  bing cherry/spice/light bodied


Blend: 50% Carignane/40% Barbera/

10% Syrah

Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon HiRes.jpg


Notes:  blueberry/black pepper/mild tannins


Tanner Estate Grown

2019 Mélange de Mère

2017 MdM for Web.jpg

Notes:  plum/black tea/dry finish

Notes:  black plum/peppercorn/subtle tobacco